WinkMaster - Sleep Smarter!

Sleep 8 Hours & Block Out All Distractions!

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Bluetooth 5.0

Now supporting Bluetooth 5.0! Enjoy high quality surround sound audio for up to 10 hours on a single charge! Pair with your phone, laptop or TV devices!

Listen to your favourite music, podcasts and audiobooks with the WinkMaster Sleeping Headband!

Sports & Recreation

The WinkMaster doesn't need to be only used in the bedroom - Works perfect for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, basketball, football and cycling! Sweat-resistant material allows for the most comfort whilst working out!

Ergonomic Design

Our minimalistic design will bring you the most comfort and relaxation possible!

Equipped with soft fabric, ultra-thin speakers and sleek padding around the eyes, our WinkMaster will have you falling asleep in no time!